THANK YOU FOR SAYING THANK YOU | for two voices and video/score | a work by based on a poem by Charles Bernstein

Allow us to begin this note by quoting poet Ron Silliman: "What stands out [in Bernstein´s text] is the degree to which `plain speech´ is anything but transparent, but rather is something much more like a membrane, a surface controlled in large part (although not exclusively) by the speaker. For the listener to “get to” he- (or she-) who-speaks represents an almost language-shattering task. To expect transparency of a language object, however well intentioned, is inevitably to court disappointment if not outright disaster." The dryness of our setting, in all its apparent neutrality, attempts to add another level of problematization: just because two people are exchanging utterances that result in coherent sentences does not follow that communication is ocurring between them. It could all be, as in this case, just a self referential simulacrum.


artistes sonores | vivent et travaillent à Buenos Aires

Roberto Azaretto & Matias Giuliani are both composers born and based in Buenos Aires. They started working collaboratively at the beginning of 2009.
Their works include private performances for everyday objects, installations, and instrumental pieces, all of which stem from an interest in sound as a conveyor of energy, and concepts as organizational forces. They are the artistic directors of LEMC
Ensemble, a group dedicated to free improvisation and experimental music from the last fifty years.